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xkcd - I'm An Idiot : 私バカよねぇ

I'm An Idiot(僕はおばか)

? xkcd - A Webcomic - I'm An Idiot

女:Should I ask?

男:I'm locked out, and trying to get my roommate to let me in.
First i tried her cell phone, but it's off.
Then i tried IRC, but she's not online.
I couldn't find anything to throw at her window,


男:So I ssh's into the mac mini in the living room and got the speech synth to yell to her for me.
 (それで、僕はリビングルームにあるMac miniで、SSHした。で、音声合成を使って、彼女に向かって話しかけてみたんだ。)

(Hey i'm locked out downstairs)

男:But i think i left the volume way down, so i'm reading the os x docs to learn to set the volume via command line.

女:Ah, I take it the doorbell doesn't work?




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