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Recipe Relativity - レシピ相対性理論


Recipe Relativity(レシピ相対性理論)

Black bean burrito bowl
Total time: 35 minutes
My actual time: 1h 45m
I think this recipe author is moving past me at 94% of the speed of light.

Alt-text: It says to cut the onions into 1/4" slices, but I'd better correct for length contraction.


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【Twitterまとめ 4/17~4/23】「クリームから手が」他 276ネタ目


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Helium Reserve - ヘリウム備蓄


Helium Reserve(ヘリウム備蓄)

役人: You were in charge of guarding the national helium reserve. So where did it go?!

Unfortunately, there's no good way for me to answer this question out loud.

Alt-text: The government has been trying to sell off the Federal Helium Reserve for a few years now, but the sale has been on hold while they try to figure out how to explain this situation to buyers.


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Escape Speed - 脱出速度



Escape Speed(脱出速度)

Alt-text: Gotta go fast.


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Cosmological Nostalgia Content - 宇宙論的ノスタルジアコンテンツ


Cosmological Nostalgia Content(宇宙論的ノスタルジアコンテンツ)

女: Only Z=10 kids remember watching the cool dark gas that suffused the universe being eaten away by expanding bubbles of plasma around the first stars!
白ハット: Want to feel old? Bacteria evolved closer to when dark energy started accelerating the universe's expansion than to today!

Cosmological Nostalgia Content

Alt-text: Later renouncing clickbait, Einstein called his inclusion of cosmological content in general relativity the biggest blunder of his career.


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