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Immune Response - 免疫反応


Immune Response(免疫反応)

女: How you feeling?
男: Not bad. Tired. A little sore.
男: I feel bad for my immune system. It doesn't know this isn't a real virus. It must be freaking out.
男: Hey buddy, don't worry! We're going to be fine. This is just practice!
女: No, don't tell it that. You want it to panic and build defenses that will be able to handle the real thing.
男: I guess.
男: Okay, let me try that again.
男: *ahem*
男: Woe! My arm is stricken by a dreadful plague!

男: I feel death draw near! My only hope is those heroic immune cells!
女: Perfect.
男: Psst - you're doing great! I'm so proud of you.

Alt-text: I don't care whether you win or lose, as long as you have-- ...okay, sorry, I'm being reminded I very much care whether you win or lose. I need you to win, that's very important.


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「太陽光活用100% 」「新しい家電?」他 170ネタ目


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Mask Opinions - マスクの意見


Mask Opinions(マスクの意見)

男: I am so excited not to have so many opinions about different kinds of masks at the forefront of my brain at all times.
白ハット: Seriously.

男: "Do you know any tricks for getting a good seal around the bridge of your nose?"
男: I do, and I want to stop knowing them.

白ハット: You could always try talking about something else.
男: Honestly not sure I can!
白ハット: Well.
白ハット: Soon.

Alt-text: Although regardless of how everything else shakes out, I definitely won't mind if the norm "wear a mask if you're feeling sick" sticks around after this.


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