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Fast Radio Bursts - 高速電波バースト


Fast Radio Bursts(高速電波バースト)

Potential sources of fast radio bursts:

(1) Energetic stellar-sized astrophysical objects floating in space
 ((1) 宇宙空間を漂う恒星サイズのエネルギー天体)
男: We're pretty sure this is what most of them are.

(2) Microwave ovens in the observatory break room
 ((2) 天文台休憩室の電子レンジ)
男: This was definitely some of them, oops. (Petroff et. al., 2015)
 (これは間違いなくその一部だったね、おっと。(ペトロフ、その他, 2015年))

(3) Energetic steller-sized microwave ovens floating in space
男: We think this one is unlikely.

(4) Energetic stellar-sized astrophysical objects in the observatory break room
男: This is almost certainly not it, though we're sending a grad student to double-check.

Alt-text: Dr. Petroff has also shown that the Higgs boson signal was actually sparks from someone microwaving grapes, the EHT black hole photo was a frozen bagel someone left in too long, and the LIGO detection was just someone slamming the microwave door too hard.


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Spelling - 綴り



女: When I can't spell a word I usually just Google and copy and paste it from the results.
男: Yeah, but I can't do that here!!

Why spelling "plagiarism" is especially hard

Alt-text: Any time I misspell a word it's just because I have too much integrity to copy answers from the dictionary.


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Log Alignment - 対数の配置


Log Alignment(対数の配置)

There's actually no rule in math that says your log scales have to be aligned with your graph axes.

Alt-text: A video can have a log scale that's misaligned with both the time AND space axes.


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【Twitterまとめ 1/15~1/21】「アグレッシブフレンドリー犬」他 312ネタ


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Astronaut Guests - 宇宙飛行士の客


Astronaut Guests(宇宙飛行士の客)

男: We don't have houseguests often, but we once had six astronauts over for dinner.

お客さん: Oh, wow!

男: ...for 7½ milliseconds in mid-August 2012.

If you spend enough time looking at orbital records and property lines, you can make this claim in a lot of places.

Alt-text: They didn't bring us a gift, but considering the kinetic energy of a bottle of wine at orbital speed, that's probably for the best.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2024年) です。