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xkcd - Music DRM : 歪んだ自己主張

Music DRM(デジタル著作権管理)

 ? xkcd - A Webcomic - Music DRM
© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

男:.. And that's why music DRM is bad for listeners and artists!

女:What are you doing?
In case you didn't notice, we won the music DRM war.
The big stores are DRM-free.

女:So close the comment thread, get out the debit card, buy us some music, and let's rock the fuck out.

男:But i don't actually like music. I just like being self-righteous on the web.

女:Lucky for you, that will always be free.

img-alt:Just yesterday I bought my first non-DRM'd songs (The Last Vegas, in keeping with my 'I only listen to things from Guitar Hero' theme).
 (ちょうど昨日、僕は、始めてのDRMじゃない曲を買った。("The Last Vegas"は、僕の「ギターヒーローに関係する音楽のみを聞く」と言うテーマと一致する。)




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