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グラスに半分の水、考え方によってそれはどう見えるかを表した画像『points of view』


optimist:"the glass is half-full."

realist:"Yep. That's a glass, alright."

capitalist:"If i bottled this and gave it a new agey sounding name, I could make a fortune."

conspiracist:"The government is fluoridating the water for mind-control purpose."

pressimist:"The glass is half-empty"

idealist:"One day, cold-fusion from a glass of water will provide unilimited energy and end war."

communist:"This drink belongs to every single one of us in equal measure."

sexist:"This glass isn't gonna refill itself, honeybun..."

opportunist:"There's a funny t-shirt in here somewhere."


 この画像の元ネタは、pressimist:"The glass is half-empty"(悲観論者:グラスは半分空です!)と言うジョークが元々あって、そこから拡張したフレーズのようです。


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