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xkcd - No Pun Intended : 余計な一言

No Pun Intended(シャレを言うつもりじゃなくて)

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My hobby:(私の趣味)

Appending "no pun intended" to lines with no pun in them.
 (全然しゃれじゃない言葉の中に、「"no put intended"(「シャレを言うつもりじゃなくて」)」を追加すること。)

I think he's internalized his girlfriend's attitudes - no pun intended - and so...
 (彼は、ガールフレンドの態度に「内在化された」と思うよ。 シャレを言うつもりじゃなくてさ。で、そう...)

Three hours later:(3時間後)

"Internalized"? lied? analyzed? or is it "attitudes"? dammit.

Like spelling 'dammit' correctly -- with two m's -- it's a troll that works best on the most literate.




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