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xkcd - Packages : ホースと潤滑油と熊の仕掛けを持ち、マスクをつけてペンタゴンに現れる人


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男: I love getting packages.

男: I set up a script to search ebay et. al. for $1 items with free shipping.

男: I gave it $365, so each day it can buy me something random.

女: What if you just end up with lots of crap?

男: I'll give it away. but i'm sure i'll get some interesting stuff.


Day 1: Length of rubber hose.(1日目:ゴムホースの束)
Could be handy around the house.

Day 2: Ski mask.(2日目:マスク)
It's spring, but hey.

Day 3: Bear trap.(3日目:熊の仕掛け)

Day 4: Tourist map of the pentagon.(4日目:ペンタゴンの観光マップ)
Uh oh.

Day 5: Lube.(5日目:潤滑油)
I'm stopping this before i end up on every FBI watch list ever.

img-alt: Day six: 'The hell? Who mails a bobcat?'



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