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xkcd - Researcher Translation : 新テクノロジーの普及予測

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Researcher Translation(研究者のコメントを翻訳)

If a researcher says a cool new technology should be available to consumers in...
What they mean is...
The fourth quarter of next year
The project will be canceled in six months.
Five years(5年)I've solved the interesting research problems. The rest is just business, which is easy, right?
Ten years.(10年)We haven't finished inventing it yet, but when we do, It'll be awesome.
25+ years.(25年以上先)It has not been conclusively proven impossible.
We're not really looking at market applications right now.
I like being the only one with a hover-car.

Alt-text: A technology that is '20 years away' will be 20 years away indefinitely.






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