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xkcd - Revolutionary : 科学と哲学

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男: Yes, science is an open process in which a good idea can more from anybody.

男: Yes, widely-believed theories are on occasion overturned by simple thought experiment.

男: And yes, your philosophy degree equips you to ask interesting questions sometimes.

男: But you did not just overturn special relativity, a subject you learned about an hour ago, with your "racecar on a train" idea.

ヒゲ男: You just don't like that i'm turning a rational eye to your dogma. hey, what's the email for the president of physics?

Alt-text: I mean, what's more likely -- that I have uncovered fundamental flaws in this field that no one in it has ever thought about, or that I need to read a little more? Hint: it's the one that involves less work.
 [ヒゲ男の発言の続き](つまり、何がありえそうか。僕が、今まで誰も考え付かなかったこの分野における基本的な欠陥を見つけたか、もしくは、もっと読む必要があるのか? ヒント:より少ない労力の方。)







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