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xkcd: 1996 - グラフ計算機の不思議


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License


男: Check it out - old computer shoppers! Wow - in 1996, $3,000 would get you a 100 MHz pentium system with a parallel port, two serial ports, a 2MB video card, and "MS-Windows"

女: Nice!

女: And $299 would get you a palm pilot 1000-16MHz, 128KB storage, and a memo pad, calendar, and state-of-the-art address book that can store over 100 names!

男: Oooh!

男: And $110 would get you a bulky Ti graphing calculator with around a 10MHz CPU, 24KB RAM, and a 96x64-Pixel B/W display!

女: Time sure have... ...have...Uh.

男: Okay, what the hell, T.I.?

女: Maybe they cost so much now because there's only one engineer left who remembers how to make displays that crappy.

Alt-text: College Board issues aside, I have fond memories of TI-BASIC, writing in it a 3D graphing engine and a stock market analyzer. With enough patience, I could make anything ... but friends. (Although with my chatterbot experiments, I certainly tried.)






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