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xkcd: Los Alamos - 頼りないマンハッタン計画


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Los Alamos(ロスアラモス)

[Los Alamos, 1945...]

科学者1: We have a decision. If we've done our math right, this test will unleash heaven's fire and make us as gods.

科学者1: But it's possible we made a mistake, and the heat will ignite the atmosphere, destroying the planet in a cleansing conflagration.

科学者2: Wow. Um. Question: Just to double-check although I'm 99% sure-

科学者1: Is it 「soh cah toa」 or 「coh sah toa」?
 (それって、「soh cah toa」か、「coh sah toa」だっけ?)

Oh, for the love of... can someone redo Steve's work?

科学者3: I don't want to do the test anymore.

Alt-text: The test didn't (spoiler alert) destroy the world, but the fact that they were even doing those calculations makes theirs the coolest jobs ever.



 「soh cah toa」は、サイン、コサイン、タンジェントのこと。三角関数を記憶する時に使うフレーズ。「coh sah toa」は明らかに間違っているため、この科学者大丈夫か?と言う疑問が渦巻く。



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