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xkcd: Let Go - 麻薬的習慣からの解放


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Let Go(解放)

[I shoudn't be looking at reddit. Why can't I stop?]

[Refreshing CNN again. Do news stories so affect my life that I benefit from checking them more than once a day?]

[I should at least check faceb... No.]


[No. Screw it.]

[I can't do my job when I'm distracting myself every five minutes like this.]

男: His computer's off.

Luke- You've switched off your targeting computer. What's wrong?

ルーク: Nothing.

I'm all right.

Alt-text: After years of trying various methods, I broke this habit by pitting my impatience against my laziness. I decoupled the action and the neurological reward by setting up a simple 30-second delay I had to wait through, in which I couldn't do anything else, before any new page or chat client would load (and only allowed one to run at once). The urge to check all those sites magically vanished--and my 'productive' computer use was unaffected.




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