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xkcd: Wisdom Teeth - 親知らずの気晴らし


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Wisdom Teeth(親知らず)

男: Hey! Know how you've been bugging me to play Minecraft for the past year? I'm game.

女: But you said you didn't want to "get hooked and spend days on end moving virtual cubes around while sitting motionless."

What changed?

男: I'm having my wisdom teeth out, and I'll be useless and doped up on painkillers for the next few days, so that actually sounds like the perfect distraction.

女: Oh. I'll set you up on our server!

[72 hours later...](72時間後)

女: Hey. Starting to feel better?

Enjoying the game?

Let's see what you've...


What the hell?

Where is everything?

...You made the entire continent perfectly flat?

男: And sorted it into layers.

I feel good about things.

This is a good game

女: ...What exactly is in the painkillers they gave you?

男: I can't read the label because I'm a hologram.

Alt-text: I heard the general anesthesia drugs can cause amnesia, so when I woke up mid-extraction I started taking notes on my hand so I'd remember things later. I managed 'AWAKE BUT EVERYTHING OK' before the dental assistant managed to find and confiscate all my pens.








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