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xkcd: Movie Ages - 年齢別の「年を取ったなぁ」と感じるフレーズ


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Movie Ages(映画の世代)

The 2011 Guide to making people feel old

- Using movie release dates -
 (? 映画の公開年度を使用 ?)

16:Did you realize that Snakes on a plane came out half a decade ago?

17,18,19: Did you realize that Revenge of the sith came out more than half a decade ago?
 (17,18,19歳:「スター・ウォーズ エピソード3/シスの復讐」が5年よりも前に公開されたって知ってた?)

20:Did you realize that Finding nemo came out Eight years ago?

21,22: Did you realize that Shrek came out ten years ago?

23,24,25: Did you realize that The Matrix came out not last decade, but the one before that?

26: Did you realize that Toy story came out over fifteen years ago?

27: Did you realize that The lion king came out seventeen years ago?

28: Did you realize that Jurassic park came out eighteen years ago?

29: Did you realize that Terminator 2 came out Twenty years afo?

30,31,32: Did you realize that Home alone came out more than twenty years ago?

33,34,35: Did you realize that The little mermaid came out closer to the moon landing than the present day?

Over 35 :Hey, did you see this chart? You match your age to movie - oh, right, sorry, it only goes up to 35. I guess it's not really aimed at older people.

alt-text: If you're 15 or younger, then just remember that it's nevertheless probably too late to be a child prodigy.







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