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xkcd: Missed Connections - 「失われた関係」掲示板


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Missed Connections(失われた関係)

[Personals > Missed connections]

You: Clinging to hood of your stolen Wienermobile, trying to reach into engine to unstick throttle.
Me: Screaming, diving out of the way.

You: Vaguely human silhouette.
Me: At bottom of wishing well with harpoon gun.

You: Confused UDP packet
Me: CISCO router in 45.170/16 block.

You: Baddest fuckin' Juggalo at violent J's party.
Me: Nancy Pelosi(D-CA)

You: Getting married to me.
Me: Also getting married, but distracted by my phone.

You: Cute boy on corner of 4th main, 5'11, 169LBS, social security number 078-05-1120, pockets contained $2.09 in change, keys, and a condom. Retinal scan attacked.
Me: Driving Street View van.

Alt-text: The Street View van isn't going to find out anything Google won't already know from reading my email.






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