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xkcd: Hotels - 「悪いレビュー」の効果


© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License


男: what's with this negative review? You liked that hotel.

黒ハット: I have a script that posts a bad review for every hotel I stay at.

It reduces demand, which means more vacancies and lower prices next time.

男: What if the place sucks?

黒ハット: I change the review to positive to steer other people there.

男: You punish companies you like!

黒ハット: The odds of my review putting a hotel out of business are negligible.

男: If we all did that, the system would collapse!

黒ハット: Doesn't affect my logic. Tragedy of the commons.

男: That's not even the tragedy of the commons anymore. That's the
tragedy of you're a dick.

黒ハット: If you're quick with a knife, you'll find the invisible hand is made of delicious invisible meat.

Alt-text: 'Rating: 1/5. Room filled to brim with semen, and when front desk clerk opened mouth to talk, bedbugs poured out.'







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