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xkcd: New Products - 新製品

  • このカテゴリでは、世界で最も人気があるウェブコミック「xkcd」の最新ナンバーをひたすら日本語に翻訳しています。
  • 2014年の翻訳記事はxkcd(2014年)、2013年の翻訳記事はxkcd(2013年)から。更に過去の翻訳記事はxkcdからどうぞ。
  • 翻訳済みの秀逸なコミックについては、過去のベスト10をまとめた記事(2009年~2010年2011年2012年2013年2014年)からどうぞ。
  • このXKCD翻訳の目的の一つは、僕の英語スキル向上です。誤訳がありましたら、コメントなどで気軽にご指摘下さい。

© Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

New Products(新製品)

Predicting the success or failure of a new product
Based on what engineers and programmers are saying about it

If they say...
"It doesn't do anything new"
"Why would anyone want that?"

It means...
The product will be a gigantic success.

If they say...
"Really exciting"
"I've already preordered one"
It means...
The product will be a flop. Years later, its ideas will show up in something successful.

If they say...
"Wait, are you talking about <unfamiliar person's name>'s new project?"
It means...
The product could be a scam and may result in arrests or lawsuits.

If they say...
"I would never put <company> in charge of managing my <whatever>"

It means...
Within five years, they will.

Alt-text: If you ever hear "Wait, is that Kim Dotcom's new project? I'm really excited about it and already signed up, although I'm a little nervous about whether everyone should hand over control of their medical...", it's time to dig a bunker in your backyard.








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