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Spreadsheets - 表計算



天使: Don't use a spreadsheet! Do it right.
悪魔: But a spreadsheet would be so easy.
天使: In the long run you'll regret it!

天使: Take the time to write real code.
悪魔: Just paste the data! Tinker until it works!
悪魔: Build a labyrinth of REGEXREPLACE() and ARRAYFORMULA()!
悪魔: Feel the power!

天使: Fight the temptation!
悪魔: Ever tried QUERY() in Google Sheets? It lets you treat a block of cells like a database and run SQL queries on them.
 (Google SheetsでQUERY()を試したことあるか?これで、セルのブロックをデータベースのように扱って、SQLクエリを実行できる。)

天使: Don't listen to--
天使: ... wait, really?
悪魔: Yes, and let me tell you about IMPORTHTML() ...
天使: Oooh...

Alt-text: My brother once asked me if there was a function to produce a calendar grid from a list of dates in Google Sheets. I replied with a single-cell formula that took in a list of dates and outputted a calendar. It used SEQUENCE(), REGEXMATCH(), and a double-nested ARRAYFORMULA(), and it locked up the browser for 15 seconds every time it ran. I think he learned a lot about asking me things.
 (僕の兄弟はかつて、Google Sheetsの日付リストからカレンダーグリッドを作成する機能があるかどうか尋ねてきた。僕は日付リストを取り入れ、カレンダーを出力する単一セル式を答えた。SEQUENCE()、REGEXMATCH()、および二重にネストされたARRAYFORMULA()を使用し、実行するたびに15秒間ブラウザがロックした。彼は僕に物を尋ねることについて多くを学んだと思う。)


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NWS Warnings - アメリカ国立測候所の警告


NWS Warnings(アメリカ国立測候所の警告)

Alert: Everyone Just Keep An Eye Out In General

When the National Weather Service needs to take a day off, they just issue warnings for everything so no one is caught by surprise.

Alt-text: Kind of rude of them to simultaneously issue an EVACUATION - IMMEDIATE alert, a SHELTER IN PLACE alert, and a 911 TELEPHONE OUTAGE alert.
 (退避 - 即座警告、シェルター内避難警告、および911への電話提供停止警告を同時発行する、ちょっとした乱暴なそれら。)


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Expiration Date High Score - 賞味期限ハイスコア


Expiration Date High Score(賞味期限ハイスコア)

What's the most expired item you've found in your house?

Calculate your expiration date high score (must be something you purchased)

Score = (year you found item) - (year item expired) / (your age when you found it) X 100
 (点数 = (品物を見つけた年) - (品物の期限切れ年数) / (それを見つけた時の年齢) X 100)

女: These beans expired in 2010! That's... let's see... 24.3! New personal best!

男: You are never going to beat your mom's jar of pickles from 1978.

女: Maybe there are more cans in there. Remind me not to look until 2030.

男: This is the worst competition.

Alt-text: "Wait, we've MOVED since 2010. How on Earth did--" "Look, some of us were just born to be champions."


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Gastroenterology - 消化器病学



帽子の男: Hurry, they're right behind us!

女: So what's gastroenterology like?
ポニーテール: Pretty boring. Lotta paperwork.

Alt-text: "Mostly it means that I'm acutely aware that the kid one table over coughed as the server walked past with our food."


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How Hacking Works - ハッキングのお仕事


How Hacking Works(ハッキングの作業)

Control, we have flown to the USA and breached the target's house.
They wrote all their passwords in a book labeled "Passwords"!
The fool!

How people think hacking works

Hey look, someone leaked the emails and passwords from the Smash Mouth message boards.
Cool, let's try them all on Venmo.

How it actually works

Alt-text: If only somebody had warned them that the world would roll them like this.


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Flag Interpretation - 旗の解釈


Flag Interpretation(旗の解釈)

Someone important died
Someone died but we're not sure how we feel about them
Everyone important died
Someone important was successfully cloned
An important person died battling their evil clone
Nobody has died for weeks and that seems good but statistically it's very alarming.
Someone diverted a trolley to save five people by killing one important person
The person who knows where the flag is stored at night died.

Alt-text: When Salvador Dalí died, it took months to get all the flagpoles sufficiently melted.


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First News Memory - 初めてのニュースの思い出


First News Memory(最初のニュースの思い出)

ポニーテール: What's your first news memory?
男(髪なし): I always like this question! Mine was the 1988 election.
女(黒髪): Berlin wall for me. You?
男(髪あり): Watching the Challenger launch in class. We were so excited; everyone was horrified when it blew up.
男(髪あり): It was 1995.
男(髪あり): Our teacher got fired soon after.
白ハット: Mine's the 2016 election.
女(まとめ髪): ...aren't you in your 30's?
白ハット: Look, we're not all great about keeping up with the news, OK?
黒ハット: My first memory is when we landed on the moon.
黒ハット: My second memory is my mom telling us we were moving to Earth instead, to blend in with the humans.
女(まとめ髪): This explains a lot.

ALt-text: Psychology researchers say our 'flashbulb' memories of big events can be unreliable, but I clearly remember watching live on CNN as Challenger crashed into and destroyed the Berlin Wall.


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Trained a Neural Net - ニューラルネットの訓練


Trained a Neural Net(ニューラルネットの訓練)

白ハット: Oh, hey, you organized our photo archive!
男: Yeah, I trained a neural net to sort the unlabeled photos into categories.
白ハット: Whoa! Nice work!
Engineering Tip: When you do a task by hand, you can technically say you trained a neural net to do it.
Alt-text: It also works for anything you teach someone else to do. "Oh yeah, I trained a pair of neural nets, Emily and Kevin, to respond to support tickets."


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Lunar Cycle - 月のサイクル


Lunar Cycles

Understanding Lunar Cycles

Alt-text: The Antikythera mechanism had a whole set of gears specifically to track the cyclic popularity of skinny jeans and low-rise waists.


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Shadow Biosphere - 影の生物圏


Shadow Biosphere(影の生物圏)

かすれた人物: These days most of our funding comes in from the shadow biotech industry.
女: Did you hear something?
Cueball: I think it's the wind.

The shadow biosphere exists, but if you study it, you become a shadow biologist.

Alt-text: The typical Shadow Biology Department is housed in a building coated in a thin layer of desert varnish which renders it invisible to normal-world university staff.


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