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New Robot - 救助ロボット多すぎ問題


New Robot(新しいロボット)

ポニーテール: Our robot floats using a helium sphere, which is highly charged and can induce lightning strikes.
ポニーテール: It moves using a grappling gun like the hook shot from Zelda.
欄外の声: What is the robot for?
ポニーテール: Uh
ポニーテール: It could help with search and rescue after disasters.

"It could help with search and rescue" is engineer-speak for "we just realized we need a justification for our cool robot."

Alt-text: "Some worry that we'll soon have a surplus of search and rescue robots, compared to the number of actual people in situations requiring search and rescue. That's where our other robot project comes in..."


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Panama Canal - パナマ運河の新提案


Panama Canal(パナマ運河)

Atlantic-Pacific option
Arctic-Antarctic option

I still don't understand why the Panama Canal planners rejected my proposal.

Alt-text: Once they selected the other proposal, we could have kept shopping ours around, but we would had to modify it include an aqueduct over their canal, which would be totally unreasonable.


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Google Trends Maps - 最も無益なGoogleトレンドマップ


Google Trends Maps(Googleトレンドマップ)

The least informative
Google Trends Maps
I've created over the years
(All are real but not all cover the same date range)

[青] Frostbite
[赤] Heat stroke

[青] Best church
[赤] Best strip club

[青] Bigfoot
[赤] Mike Pence

[青] Etiquette
[赤] Sexting

[青] Little dog
[赤] Big cat

[青] Shark attack
[赤] Childbirth

[青] Snakes
[赤] Ants
[黄色] Bees
[緑] Alligators

[青] Retirement planning
[赤] Bungee jumping

[青] Super Bowl
[赤] Funeral home

[青] Resume tips
[赤] Skateboard tricks

[青] Donald Trump
[赤] What do I do

[青] Existential crisis
[赤] Marco Rubio

Alt-text: It's early 2020. The entire country is gripped with Marco Rubio fever except for Alaska, which is freaking out. You're frantically studying up on etiquette and/or sexting.


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Luna 2 - ルナ2号


Luna 2(ルナ2号)

女: Huh. Luna 2, the first artificial object to touch another world, carried a sphere made of steel Soviet flag emblems.

It was designed to blow apart on impact, scattering tiny metal flags and ribbons across the surface of the moon.
男: So the first physical contact humans had with a heavenly body...
女: ...was throwing a shrapnel grenade full of flags at it.
男: Well, it's on-brand for us, at least.

Alt-text: The flags were probably vaporized on impact, because we launched it before we had finished figuring out how to land. That makes sense from an engineering standpoint, but also feels like a metaphor.


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Space Mission Hearing - 惑星間宇宙船開発の動機


Space Mission Hearing(宇宙ミッションヒアリング)

ポニーテール: All ready for the hearing? Let's go over things one more time.
ポニーテール: *ahem*
ポニーテール: What is the main reason to fund this mission?
女(黒髪): It will significantly advance out long-term goal of better understanding the formation and evolution of the Solar System, while fulfulling our mandate to develop a new generation of interplanetary spacecraft.
ポニーテール: Great.
女(黒髪): And because it's space!
女(黒髪): Spaaaaaace.
女(黒髪): Pew pew pew!
女(黒髪): Space!
ポニーテール: Dial it back.
Alt-text: Our grant application contains one of those little greeting card speakers that plays spaceship noises when you open it.


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Meta Collecting - メタ的コレクション


Meta Collecting(メタ収集)

Today we're looking for a lunchbox, a snow globe, a Maytag dryer, a Harley Davidson, and a stamp.

My hobby: Collecting one item from every category listed on Wikipedia's "List of collectables."

Title text: I'm trying to get the page locked because some jerk keeps adding "Yachts".
 (何人かの間抜けが 「ヨット」を追加し続けているから、ページをロックしようとしている。)


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Size Venn Diagram - サイズを表す形容詞のベン図


Size Venn Diagram(サイズのベン図)

Alt-text: Terms I'm going to start using: The Large Dipper, great potatoes, the Big Hadron Collider, and Large Orphan Annie.


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Light Pollution - もし光害がなかったら?


Light Pollution(光害)

Light Pollution and the Disappearing Night Sky

High Light Pollution(Cities)

Moderate Light Pollution(Suburbs)

Low Light Pollution(Very remote areas)

No Light Pollution(How the sky should look)

Lattice of the crystal spheres

Ships of the Sky King

Alt-text: It's so sad how almost no one alive today can remember seeing the galactic rainbow, the insanity nebula, or the skull and glowing eyes of the Destroyer of Sagittarius.


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Brain Hemispheres - 神経科学的新事実


Brain Hemispheres(脳半球)

Neuroscience Fact:(神経科学的事実:)

The LEFT half of the brain actually controls the RIGHT half of the body...
 (脳の左半分は、実際には体の右半分を制御している... )

...while the RIGHT half of the brain actually controls the TOP half of the body.


This leg is fully autonomous.

Alt-text: Neurologically speaking, the LEFT hand is actually the one at the end of the RIGHT arm.


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Video Orientation - 映像の向き、長所と短所


Video Orientation(ビデオの向き)


・Looks normal to old people
・Format used by a century of cinema

・Humans are taller than are wide
・I'm not turning my phone sideways


・How most normal people shoot and watch video now so we may as well accept it
・Human world is mostly a horizontal plane


・Bold and dynamic
・Equally annoying to all viewers
・Good compromise


Alt-text: CIRCULAR VIDEO - PROS: Solves aspect ratio problem. CONS: Never trust anyone who talks to you from inside a circle.
 (円形ビデオ - 長所:アスペクト比の問題を解決する。短所:円の中からあなたと話をする人を決して信用しないで。)


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