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Screen Time - スクリーンタイム


Screen Time(スクリーンタイム)

スマホ: Screen time report:

スマホ: While awake, you averaged 2H 48M per day looking at things other than your phone. That's up 6% from last week!

At some point, it starts making more sense to track non-screen time.

Alt-text: These new Bluetooth socks are great, but it's troubling to learn that I average almost 14 hours of Shoe Time a day.


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Terminator: Dark Fate - ターミネーター:ニュー・フェイト


Terminator: Dark Fate(ターミネーター:ニュー・フェイト)


主人公 (未来No.1): I've traveled back in time to stop you from seeing Terminator: Dark Fate!
主人公 (現代): But it looks so good! Reviews are actually decent! Mackenzie Davis! Linda Hamilton is back!
主人公 (未来No.1): I know, but you always think this, and you're always disappointed.
主人公 (現代): I guess...


主人公 (未来No.2): Hi, I'm from the future where you didn't watch it and I realize I still kind of want to see it.
主人公 (現代): Let's go together!
主人公 (未来No.3): No! We're both of you from the future! We're here to stop you!
主人公 (未来No.5): I'm here to stop you!
主人公 (未来No.6): I'm here to stop the robot sent to stop you!
主人公 (未来No.7): I'm here to protect you I lost track.
主人公 (未来No.8): I'm here to kill Hitler. Did I get the right year?
主人公 (未来No.9): I'm here to get tickets because in like 20 minutes you people buy them all.

Alt-text: I was sent here to stop the robot that was sent here to protect the human who was sent here to protect the human who was sent here to destroy the robot that was sent here to vacuum the floor.


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Emulation - エミュレーション



ノートPC: Loading... please insert disk into drive A:

男: *click* There you go.
 (*クリック* これでどう?)

ノートPC: Thank you. Wow, this disk is incredibly fast!

男: Yeah, uh, it's the new model from Memorex.

ノートPC: Amazing. And how is President Reagan?

男: He's... he's fine.

I feel weird using old software that doesn't know it's being emulated.

Alt-text: I laugh at the software as if I'm 100% confident that it's 2019.


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Imagine Going Back in Time - 過去に遡ることを想像する


Imagine Going Back in Time(過去に遡ることを想像する)

男: Ugh. A player named "Reelect Trump 2020" put a frog Pokemon in the gym next to mine.

女: Imagine going back in time and saying that to yourself 20 years ago.
男: Oh, I have a time machine! I'll try that.


男(2019年): ... next to mine.

男(1999年): I see. Pokemon is still popular in 2019?
男(2019年): Yeah.

男(1999年): And it's cool for people your age to play it?
男(2019年): OK, I did not come here to be mocked.
男(1999年): This is a sobering cautionary tale.
男(2019年): Listen, self...

Alt-text: I wonder what the trendy adults in 2019 who are too cool for Pokemon will be into. Probably Digimon!


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Earthquake Early Warnings - 緊急地震速報


Earthquake Early Warnings(緊急地震速報)

女: Ooh, California has a new earthquake early warning app.
男: Yeah, I'm so mad about it.

女: What, why?
男: It ruins the experience of trying to recognize the p-waves before the obvious main waves hit.

女: So you're mad about earthquake spoilers?
男: I just want to experience the shaking the way the tectonic plate intended!

Alt-text: I was fired by the National Weather Service five minutes after they hired me for going into their code base and renaming all the tornado warnings to "tornado spoiler alerts."


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2019年) です。