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Short Selling - 空売りの例え話


Short Selling(空売り)

男: I don't understand shorting stocks.
ポニーテール: It's like when you promise your firstborn to a witch for five magic beans.

男 (欄外): Is that a common-
ポニーテール: She's a sucker, right? You know your awful kid will be worth one or two beans at best.

ポニーテール: But then it turns out you love your kid, a love worth 200 beans! You can't afford that loss!
ポニーテール: There's only one way out:
ポニーテール: You gotta fight the witch.

ポニーテール: So you send your kid up the beanstalk to battle the giant, who represents interest rates.
男: This analogy is getting less helpful by the minute.
ポニーテール: If only you'd somehow shorted my wisdom before you asked.

Alt-text: "I'm selling all my analogies at auction tomorrow, and that witch over there will give you 20 beans if you promise on pain of death to win them for her." "What if SEVERAL people promised witches they'd win, creating some kind of a ... squeeze? Gosh, you could make a lot of-" "Don't be silly! That probably never happens."


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Reminders - 気を使いすぎるリマインダー機能



ノートPC: You got this email six days ago. Do you want to follow up?
男: Oh, right, I should do that.
ノートPC: Did you forget the attachment?
男: Oops, yes.
ノートPC: Today is the recipient's birthday. Did you want to mention that?
男: Wait, it is?

These reminders make me uncomfortable, not because computers are getting too smart, but because it reminds me how often I fall short of even baseline levels of conscientiousness.

Alt-text: The good news is that if the number of work and friend relationships you have exceeds your willingness to do the bare minimum to keep up with everyone's life events and stuff, one way or another that problem eventually solves itself.


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Consensus New Year - 段階的なあけましておめでとう


Consensus New Year(新年の意見の一致)

Percentage of the world's population living in 2019

X軸: 10:00 AM EST Dec 31st ~ 7:00 AM EST
 (東部時間 12月31日10:00 ~ 1月1日 7:00)

Consensus New Year: as of 1:30PM Eastern Time (6:30PM UTC) a majority of the world's population will be living in 2019.
 (新年の意見の一致:東部時間 午後1時30分(世界標準時 午後6時30分)現在、世界人口の大多数は2019年に暮らしている。)

Alt-text: The biggest jump is at 11:00am EST (4:00pm UTC) when midnight reaches the UTC+8 time zone. That time zone, which includes China, is home to a quarter of the world's population. India and Sri Lanka (UTC+5:30) put us over the 50% mark soon after.
 (最大のジャンプは東部時間午前11:00(世界標準時 午後4:00)、真夜中がUTC+8タイムゾーンに達した時だ。中国を含むそのタイムゾーンには、世界人口の4分の1が住んでいる。その後まもなく、インドとスリランカ(UTC+5:30)で、50%ラインの上に到達する。)


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2019年) です。