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Circumappendiceal Somectomy - 虫垂周辺摘出術


Circumappendiceal Somectomy(虫垂周辺摘出術)

医師: Normally we would remove your appendix from your body.
医師: But thanks to new surgical techniques, we're now able to remove your entire body from around your appendix!

Alt-text: Some personal news: After treating my first case a few years ago with antibiotics, I can report that I have now had appendicitis for the second and--unless something extremely unexpected happened with the surgery--final time.


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Cursed Connectors #280
 (呪われたコネクター No.280)


Alt-text: Ultra-Serial Violet C light is unpolarized, so you don't have to flip the polarizing filter over when you get the orientation wrong the first time.


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Projecting - 投影



男: Like a lot of you, I have a real problem with projection.

Alt-text: This is something we all need to work on, but especially you all.


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News Story Reaction - ニュースへの反応


News Story Reaction(ニュースへの反応)

男: Devastated to hear that a pack of wild dogs got into the Louvre and shredded the Mona Lisa.
What a loss for humanity.
My first kiss was in the aisle of a J.C. Penny that had a poster of the Mona Lisa on the wall, so this is hitting me especially hard.

Sometimes I have to remind myself not to make every news story about me.

Alt-text: Unless the next line is, "After we broke up, she blamed the painting and spent years planning her revenge, so my sorrow is mixed with relief that the dogs at least denied her that triumph."


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Fissile Raspberry Isotopes - 核分裂性ラズベリーアイソトープ


Fissile Raspberry Isotopes(核分裂性ラズベリーアイソトープ)

ポニーテール: I reckon it'll be a good harvest.
ポニーテール: So long as we don't get too many fissile raspberry isotopes.

男: Too many Whats?

If a raspberry breaks in half, it releases fragments which can cause more splits. Within seconds you've lost the whole crop.

ポニーテール: Luckily the berries are bound by fresh raspberry pie mesons.

男: I hope they hold.

ポニーテール: It's my grandma's recipe. They'll hold.

Alt-text: Grandma's shelf-stable blackberry pie meson recipe was a huge seller until her farm was shut down by a joint FDA/NRC investigation.


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