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Rover Replies - 火星探査機からの返信


Rover Replies(火星探査機からの返信)

探査機: Just collected a sample!

These pictures are great!
I'm so proud of you
Wow you know a lot about rocks
Go go go go go!
More propaganda from NASA's 5G vaccine microchip factory
Quiet, we're not doing that here
Hello from Missouri (Earth)!
Did you find any skeletons yet
I hope your helicopter comes back!

The most unexpectedly wholesome place on the internet is the replies to NASA's rovers on social media.

Alt-text: I'm so glad NASA let you take your phone to Mars!


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Hubble Tension - ハッブル・テンション


Hubble Tension(ハッブル・テンション)

ポニーテール: There are three main estimates of the universe's expansion rate and they all disagree.

ポニーテール: Measurements of star distances suggest the universe is expanding at 73 km/s/megaparsec.

ポニーテール: Measurements of the cosmic microwave background suggest it's expanding at 68 km/s/megaparsec.

ポニーテール: And Dave, who has a radar gun, says it's expanding at 85 mph in all directions.
デイブ: Those galaxies are really booking it!
ポニーテール: Thanks, Dave.

Alt-text: Oh, wait, I might've had it set to kph instead of mph. But that would make the discrepancy even wider!


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Vaccine Research - ワクチン研究


Vaccine Research(ワクチン研究)

白ハット: I've been hearing about vaccines.
白ハット: But I decided to do my own research.
白ハット: So I spent months on the Internet reading hundreds of studies.
白ハット: And wow, I gotta say,
白ハット: these vaccines are pretty good.
男: Oh, really.

白ハット: Yeah, seems like it'd be great if lots of people got them.
白ハット: Is anyone working on that?
男: There's been some effort.

白ハット: Okay, cool.

Alt-text: Honestly feel a little sheepish about the amount of time and effort I spent confirming "yes, the vaccine helps protect people from getting sick and dying" but I guess everyone needs a hobby.


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「手乗り子ヤギ」「あのー、踏んでます」他 195ネタ目


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Lab Equipmen - 実験装置


Lab Equipment(実験装置)

ポニーテール: The spectrometer is over here, the Nd:YAG lasers are over here,

ポニーテール: and in the corner is a laser that turned out not to be useful for us, but we keep it because it's fun to toast marshmallows with it.

Every lab in every field has some piece of equipment like this.

Alt-text: I've been working on chocolate bar annealing techniques to try to produce the perfect laser s'more. Maybe don't mention that on the grant application though.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2021年) です。