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New Nobel Prizes - 新しいノーベル賞


New Nobel Prizes(新しいノーベル賞)

女: And all eight Nobel Prizes for the Discovery of New Nobel Prizes have been awarded to...
女: *sigh*
女: ...Doctor Adams, again, for the discovery of two new Prizes.
ポニーテール: Thank you, thank you!

We don't know how she started this and now we can't figure out how to stop her.

Alt-text: They've endowed a separate prize in Physiology or Medicine or Stopping Dr. Adams.


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TSP vs TBSP - 小さじ対大さじ


TSP vs TBSP(小さじ対大さじ)

Cooking tips: tsp vs tbsp

(1012) spoons

Binary tsp
(10244) spoons

Alt-text: It's like one teraspoon / when all you need is a kilonife


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Air Travel Packing List - 飛行機旅行のパッキングリスト


Air Travel Packing List(飛行機旅行のパッキングリスト)

Air Travel Packing List

If you haven't flown in a while, you might not remember what you need to bring. Use this handy checklist to pack!

Seat cushion(シートクッション)
Wing glue(翼の接着剤)
Air horn(エアホーン)
Nose plugs and goggles for pressure(鼻栓とゴーグル(圧力用))
Airplane shoes(飛行機用の靴)
Navigation crystal(ナビゲーション用水晶)
Spare batteries in case the plane runs out(飛行機の電池切れに備えた予備の電池)
Homing beacon(ホーミング・ビーコン)
Meteorite antidote(隕石の解毒剤)
USB wing connector(USBウイングコネクター)
Emergency siren(緊急用サイレン)
Spare flaps(予備のフラップ)
Mouthpiece (pandemic restriction; airlines still provide the trumpet)(マウスピース(パンデミック対策、航空会社では未だにトランペットを提供)))
Luggage ballast(荷物用バラスト)
Flag (international flights)(旗(国際便の場合))
Decoy tickets(おとりのチケット)
Keys to the plane(飛行機の鍵)

Alt-text: I know the etiquette is controversial, but I think it's rude when the person in front of me reclines their seat into the bell of my trumpet.


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Comet Visitor - 彗星訪問


Comet Visitor(彗星訪問)

女: Have you seen this big comet, C/2014 UN271?
 (この大きな彗星、C/2014 UN271を見たことある?)
女: It'll pass near Saturn's orbit in 10 years.
男: Wow, look at the orbital period.
女: Yeah, it hasn't been to this part of the solar system since humans evolved.
女: At least.

男: Well, we definitely need to tidy up. I'll start on the Pacific Garbage Patch, you tackle orbital debris.

女: What about the moon footprints?

男: Sweep them up. Collect the Mars rovers, too!
男: We can put them back once it's gone.

Alt-text: It's a myth that the Great Wall of China is the only human-made structure visible from space--there are LOTS of structures for us to feel self-conscious about!


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Endangered - 絶滅危惧種



ポニーテール: Influenza's genetic diversity has declined druing the pandemic, and the B/Yamagata lineage is at risk of extinction.
ポニーテール: Which would be such a shame.
女: Yeah, I'm sooooooo worried about it.
男: We'd be just heartbroken!

When a pathogen that scientists really don't like is close to disappearing, it gets added to the sarcastic endangered species list.

Alt-text: The list includes polio, Guinea worm, and this one particular enterovirus strain that they've been tracking out of spite after it went around the lab a few years ago.


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