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Forest Walk - 森の散歩


Forest Walk(森の散歩)

女: Wow, this is all yours?
ベレー帽: Yeah! All the way back to the river!
ベレー帽: I walk here every day.

ベレー帽: Morning, mister Cooper!
D.B.クーパー: You help me down this instant!
ベレー帽: Do you promise to give back all the money you took?
D.B.クーパー: Never!
ベレー帽: Okay! See you tomorrow!

女: Was that D.B. Cooper?
ベレー帽: Yeah, and up ahead there's an owl nest!
ベレー帽: There's so much neat stuff here.

Alt-text: The only other person to walk by was a linguist back in the 80s, but she just spent a while dissecting the phrase 'help me down' before getting distracted by a squirrel and wandering off.
 (その他に通りかかったのは80年代の言語学者だけだったが、彼女は「help me down」というフレーズをしばらく分析した後、リスに気を取られてどこかへ行ってしまった。)


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Logic Gates - 理論ゲート


Logic Gates(理論ゲート)

Common logic gate symbols

AND gate(ANDゲート)

OR gate(ORゲート)

NOT gate(NOTゲート)

NOR gate(NORゲート)

XOR gate(XORゲート)

NAND gate(NANDゲート)

NORX gate(NORXゲート)

GAND ate(GANDエイト)

XAND gort(XANDゴート)

NORG xort(NORG xrot)

ANDORX gant(ANDORX gant)

NORXONDOR gorgonax(NORXONDOR gorgonax)

Alt-text: In C, the multiocular O represents the bitwise norxondor gorgonax.


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Mine Captcha - マインキャプチャ


Mine Captcha(マインキャプチャ)

To proceed, click all the pictures of MINES

Alt-text: This data is actually going into improving our self-driving car project, so hurry up--it's almost at the minefield.


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Universal Seat Belt - ユニバーサルシートベルト


Universal Seat Belt(ユニバーサルシートベルト)

Cursed Connectors #65
 (呪われたコネクター #65)
the Universal Seat Belt

Alt-text: The plug fits really snugly, so it should be safe in a crash.


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Flawed Data - 欠陥データ


Flawed Data(欠陥データ)

男: We realized all our data is flawed.

男: ...So we're not sure about our conclusions.

男: ...So we did lots of math and then decided our data is actually fine.

[Very bad](すごく悪い)
Cueball: ...So we trained an AI to generate better data.

Alt-text: We trained it to produce data that looked convincing, and we have to admit the results look convincing!


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