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Board Game Argument: Legacy - ボートゲーム議論:レガシー


Board Game Argument: Legacy(ボードゲーム議論:レガシー)

ポニーテール: You may reallocate up to five tokens to your top choice from last week. Remember, the game with the least support tonight will go to the thrift store.

ポニーテール: Next, we'll resume the debate over ordering expansion packs.

We got tired of having the same repetitive arguments every week over which game to play, so we developed Board Game Argument: Legacy.

Atl-text: Listen, you need to get over your reluctance to permanently alter a game. Now roll 2d6 to determine how many ounces of soda to spill into the box.


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Danger Mnemonic - 危険回避のことわざ


Danger Mnemonic(危険回避のことわざ)

女性: Now, remember:
女性: If red touches yellow amid leaves of three under a red sky at morning,
女性: you should probably just get out of there.

Alt-text: It's definitely not the time to try drinking beer before liquor.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2021年) です。

Board Game Party Schedule - ボードゲームパーティスケジュール


Board Game Party Schedule(ボードゲームパーティスケジュール)

Board Game Party Schedule(ボードゲームパーティスケジュール)

before 6PM: people filter in
 (午後6時前: 人が集まってくる)
6:00-6:25: small talk
 (6:00-6:25: 雑談)
6:25-6:55: debate which game to play
 (6:25-6:55: どのゲームをするか議論する)
6:55: remember that you need to order food
 (6:55: 食べ物を注文しなければならないことを思い出す)
6:55-7:15: debate where to order from
7:15: pick a place, order
 (7:15: お店を決めて注文)
7:15-7:40: pick a game and start setting up
 (7:15-7:40: ゲームを選び、準備を始める)
7:40-8:20: explain rules to new people
8:20: food arrives
 (8:20: 食べ物到着)
8:20-9:00: eat food
 (8:20-9:00: 食べる)
9:00-9:27: resume setting up
 (9:00-9:27: セッティング再開)
9:27-9:52: more explanation
 (9:27-9:52: 更に説明)
9:52-10:13: restless faction tries to start simpler game
 (9:52-10:13: 落ち着きのないグループが、よりシンプルなゲームを始めようとする。)
10:13-10:38: general debate
 (10:13-10:38: みんなで議論)
10:38-10:57: "It will make sense once you play"
 (10:38-10:57: 「プレイしてみればわかるから」)
10:57-11:10: finish setting up
 (10:57-11:10: セッティング終了)
after 11:10 PM: people head home
 (11:10以降: 帰宅)

Alt-text: Several of the guests are secretly playing Meta Board Game Party. Every minute of parallel debate in the breakaway faction earns double victory points!


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Nightmare Code - ナイトメアコード


Nightmare Code<(ナイトメアコード)

We all know the Nightmare Code, used to assign neutral names to scary ongoing lists, such as hurricanes, virus variants, and nanobot swarms. But did you know it actually originated as the letters of an ancient Earth language?


Alt-text: Charsets even used to be known as 'alpha-bets' before that word's obvious negative associations caused it to die out.


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H-alpha - H-αフィルター



黒ハット: I got an H-Alpha filter for looking at the sun.

黒ハット: It also works for nebulae. But that's about it. There just aren't that many hot blobs of hydrogen to look at, I guess.

黒ハット: Unless...

黒ハット: Huh, did you know blimps all use helium now? You learn something new every day! By the way, we're out of fireworks.

黒ハット: And some advertising company is real mad.

Alt-text: "All the companies whose blimps I shot fireworks at are mad, but MetLife is especially miffed because I dressed up as the Red Baron."


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2021年) です。