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Puzzles - パズル



男(髪あり): Aunt Gertrude must have left a clue to the amulet's location.
女1: Hmm. Wait a minute.
女1: Gertrude. G.
 (Gertrude. G.)
男(髪あり): As in "Ground!"
女1: And "diG a hole!"
 (そして 「diG a hole!」)
ポニーテール: I'll get a shovel!
男(髪なし): To the yard!

Some of the authors of books I read as a kid were terrible at designing puzzles.

Alt-text: Why couldn't the amulet have been hidden by Aunt Alice, who understands modern key exchange algorithms?


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Label the States - 州にラベルする


Label the States(州にラベルする)

Geography Challenge:
Can you label all the states?

Alt-text: Even with a blank map, a lot of people can only name 45-50 of the 64 states.


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DateTime - 日付時間



ポニーテール: Event #1 happened at time T1.
男: Okay.
ポニーテール: Then event #2 happened at time T2.
男: Mhmm.

ポニーテール: How would you calculate how much time elapsed between T1 and T2?

Normal person:
男: T2 minus T1.

Anyone who's worked on datetime systems:
男: It is impossible to know and a sin to ask!

Alt-text: It's not just time zones and leap seconds. SI seconds on Earth are slower because of relativity, so there are time standards for space stuff (TCB, TGC) that use faster SI seconds than UTC/Unix time. T2 - T1 = [God doesn't know and the Devil isn't telling.]
 (タイムゾーンやうるう秒だけではない。地球上のSI秒は相対性理論のために遅いので、UTC/Unix時間よりも速いSI秒を使用する宇宙用の時間標準(TCB、TGC)が存在する。T2 - T1 = [神は知らず、悪魔は語らない]。)


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Snow - 雪



X軸: Time(時間)
Y軸: My apparent age(僕の見かけの年齢)

The moment it starts to snow

Cueball: Hey! It's snowing! Outside! There's snow falling! Look! Snow! Hey!

Alt-text: For someone who has ostensibly outgrown staying up late waiting for Santa, I do spend an awful lot of time refreshing websites to see if packages are here yet.


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The Wrong Stuff - 間違ったもの


The Wrong Stuff(間違ったもの)

幽霊: oooOOOOOOoooo Build a spaceship out of bricks! oooooOOOOOOOOoo
 (ぉぉおおおぉぉ レンガで宇宙船を作れ! ぉぉぉおおおおぉ)

男: No! Go away!

The Spruce Goose, the Project Habakkuk Ice Ship, and the Trojan Horse were all work of the Material Phantom, a ghost that wanders the Earth convincing engineers to make giant vehicles out of the wrong stuff.

Alt-text: The phantom found Edward Everett Hale a century too early; by the time we invented satellites, the specifics of his 'brick moon' proposal were dismissed as science fiction.


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