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Under the Stars - 星空の下


Under the Stars(星空の下)

女: I love sitting out under the stars.
男: ...It's daytime.
女: Yeah, but the stars are all still up there.
女: Constellations wheel overhead; they're just painted over with blue.
女: Every sky is full of stars.
男: That's somehow terrifying.
女: It's okay--just look at that sunny sky and tell yourself space isn't real.
女: "Daytime" is us closing our eyes and pretending it makes infinity go away.

Alt-text: If you live in Los Angeles (around 33°52'N, roughly the latitude of Hermosa Beach) the black hole in V404 Cygni passes over you each day. On Christmas Day it will be directly overhead around


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Breaker Box - ブレーカーボックス


Breaker Box(ブレーカーボックス)

Kitchen lights(キッチンのライト) / A whirring fan you didn't realize was on until now(今まで気づかなかった扇風機の音)
Living room lights(リビングルームのライト) / Dishwasher(食洗器)
Porch lights(ポーチのライト) / Dishes(料理)
Bathroom lights and one surprise mystery outlet somewhere(バスルームの照明と、驚きの謎のコンセント) / Hallway lights(廊下のライト)
North-facing appliances(北向き家電 )/ Hallway outlets(廊下のコンセント)
Bathtub drain light(バスタブ排水口ライト) / Hallway floors(廊下の床)
Appliances whose names contain the letter "F" (名前に「F」が含まれる家電製品) / Social media(ソーシャルメディア)
Hot water heater(温水ヒーター) / State law(州法)
Regular water heater(通常の水のヒーター) / Federal law(連邦法)
Outlets in rooms that it's normal to eat pizza in(ピザを食べるのが普通の部屋のコンセント) / Second law of thermodynamics(熱力学の第二法則)
High-pitched hum generator(高音ハムジェネレーター) / Friction(摩擦)
The solution to the cryptogram below:(以下の暗号解読の解決策:) / Gravity(重力)
Bugs(バグ) / Circuit breakers(サーキットブレーカー)

Alt-text: Any electrician will warn you to first locate and flip the house's CAUSALITY circuit breaker before touching the CIRCUIT BREAKERS one.


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Dendrochronology - 年輪年代学



Dendrochronologists can date wood samples by identifying growth ring anomalies that correspond to specific events. For example, it's often possible to spot the horrible summer of 1635 when trees turned carnivorous.

Alt-text: These anomalies are known as Miyake events, named for the pioneering scientist who discovered them and was tragically devoured by a carnivorous tree.


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Daylight Saving Choice - サマータイムの選択


Daylight Saving Choice(サマータイムの選択)

黒ハット: From now on, everyone who likes daylight saving time should change their clocks, and everyone who doesn't, shouldn't.

The government finally decides to put an end to all the arguments.

Alt-text: I average out the spring and fall changes and just set my clocks 39 minutes ahead year-round.


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Extinction Mechanisms - 絶滅のメカニズム


Extinction Mechanisms(絶滅のメカニズム)

Comet Extinction Mechanism Ideas
Dust caused impact winter
Firestorms and ocean acidification
Triggered Deccan Traps magma
The rocks hit the dinosaurs

Paleontologists are missing the obvious answer.

Alt-text: The Late Heavy Bombardment was followed a few billion years later by the Comparatively Light but Oddly Specific Bombardment.


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