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Date Line - 日付変更線


Date Line(日付変更線)

Timekeeping announcement: a rocket accidentally became snagged on the international date line during launch. Please pause all clocks and calendars until NASA is able to free it and safely resume the normal flow of time.

Alt-text: They estimate the rocket should be free by approximately ... uh ... well, in about two hours.


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Redshift - 赤方偏移



男: So, when did you first get interested in early universe cosmology?
ポニーテール: Sometime around z=0.00000000038.

Alt-text: So do you have any plans for z=-0.000000000000045?


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Parameterball - パラメーターボール



Parameterball is a raquet [sic] game divided into four quarters, with ball size, court size, and net height randomized each quarter.

Alt-text: The ball's density also varies, but players don't learn the value until after choosing their raquets. The infamous 'bowling ball table tennis' region of the parameter space often leads to equipment damage.


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Messier Objects - メシエカタログ


Messier Objects(メシエカタログ)

M137 (Earth)(地球)
M205 (Charles Messier)(チャールズメシエ)

People usually focus on the first 110, but the Messier Catalog actually includes all objects.

Alt-text: The debate over the correct Messier number for the Ship of Theseus is ongoing.


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Doctor's Office - 診療所


Doctor's Office(診療所)

ベレー帽: Welcome to the doctor!
ベレー帽: We're like librarians, but for your bones and blood.

ベレー帽: Uh-oh! This beeper says you're too hot.
ベレー帽: You should eat some of these little snacks that make you colder.

ベレー帽: We can make holes in you, but you have to fill out this form first.
男: This is a New York Times crossword.
ベレー帽: Don't worry, it's a Monday, so it's not too hard.

男: This is a doctor's office, right?
ベレー帽: Yeah! It used to be my house, but I found the setting on Google Maps to change it.
ベレー帽: Hey, wanna help find out what this box does? I bet it's loud!

Alt-text: "The police told me I can't be a doctor, but whenever they show up I just go into the Google Maps settings page I found and change the house to 'Police Headquarters' and then they have to do what I say."


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