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Language Acquisition - 言語獲得


Language Acquisition(言語獲得)

子供: Vocabulary update: I learned another word today, bringing my total to twelve.

Alt-text: My first words were 'These were my first words; what were yours?'


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Dubious Islands - 怪しげな島々


Dubious Islands(怪しげな島々)

Dubious Islands of North America
And the waterways that separate them

Alt-text: Running for office in Minnesota on the single-issue platform 'dig a permanent channel through the Traverse Gap because it will make this map more satisfying.'


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Odyssey - オデッセイ



ポニーテール: Happy birthday!
男: Oh cool, Emily Wilson's Iliad translation!

男: I never read her Odyssey. I should read that, too.
The Odyssey (2017)
Emily Wilson(エミリー・ウイルソン)
Arrives Friday(金曜到着)

Package Tracking(荷物追跡)
Order Status:(注文状況:)
Expected: Friday by 8pm(予想:金曜の夜9時)

Package Tracking(荷物追跡)
Order Status:(注文状況:)
[Swept by winds
to the island of
the lotus eaters]
Expected: ?? 2033 ??(予想:2033/??/??)

Alt-text: Ugh, it says they attempted delivery but "Nobody was home."


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A Halloween Carol - ハロウィンキャロル


A Halloween Carol(ハロウィンキャロル)

ゴースト(中): ooOOOOOooOOOoo
ゴースト(中): We are the ghosts of halloween past, present and future

ゴースト: here to teach you the true meaning of halloween!

ゴースト(左): ooOOOOOOOooo
ゴースト(中): ooOOOOOooo
ゴースト(左): ooooooOOOooOooo
ゴースト(右): ooOoooOOOoooo
Alt-text: [after a minute] "Okay, I think I've got it, thanks. Can I--" "oOOOooOOooo!"
 ([1分後] 「うん、分かったと思う。ありがとう。」「ぉおおおぉおぉ!」)


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Factorial Numbers - 階乗


Factorial Numbers(階乗)

Variable-base Factoradic™ numbers

男: Small numbers like seven or nineteen shouldn't use big numerals like "7" or "9".
男: I mean, "9" is the biggest numeral we have! It should be reserved for big numbers.
男: Small numbers should be written with small numerals like "1" or "2".
男: That's why my variable-base system uses...Hey! No, listen!
 (だから私の可変ベースシステムは......おい! いや、聞いてくれ!)

Factorial numbers are the number system that sounds most like a prank by someone who's about to be escorted out of the math department by security.

Alt-text: So what do we do when we get to base 10? Do we use A, B, C, etc? No: Numbers larger than about 3.6 million are simply illegal.


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