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Compact Graphs - コンパクトなグラフ


Compact Graphs(コンパクトなグラフ)

Variable 1: X Axis(変数1:X軸)
Variable 2: Y Axis(変数2:Y軸)

Variable 1: Hue(変数1:色相)
Variable 2: Label(変数2:ラベル)

Design tip: You can make your graphs more space-efficient by using hue and label for the first two variables, instead of only turning to them once you've used up the X and Y axes.

ALt-text: People may complain about readability, but even with jpeg compression, extracting the data points is usually computationally feasible if there aren't too many of them.


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Space Typography - 宇宙タイポグラフィ


Space Typography(宇宙タイポグラフィ)

Mercury(水星) Venus(金星) Earth(地球) Mars(火星) Jupiter(木星)

Space tip: if you're ever lost in the inner Solar System, you can just type out the phrase "Optimistic aliens measure space typographically" in Times New Roman and use the dots as a map.

Alt-text: And over heeee[...]eeeere (i)s Saturn.


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Typical Seating Chart - 典型的な座席表


Typical Seating Chart(典型的な座席表)

Typical Airliner Seating Chart(典型的な航空機座席表)


Please only pick these seats if you're a pilot

Main stage(メインステージ)
Mosh pit(モスピット)
Various fancy classes(様々な高級クラス)

Some airplane companies waste this space


Passenger has to pedal

Hole for trash


Extra middle seats

Bumper car seating


Extra legroom

Tail gunners (Must protect plane from pursuers but earn extra miles)

Fighter escort

Alt-text: Now that airlines have started adding wheel locks to their drink carts, less than half of flights have one accidentally fall out through the hole.


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X Value - Xの値


X Value(Xの値)

x = 4.1083

Big math news: They finally figured out the value of x.

Alt-text: The value of n is still unknown, but new results constrain it to fall between 8 and 10^500, ruling out popular 'n=1' and 'n=2' theories.


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Decay Modes - 崩壊モデル


Decay Modes(崩壊モデル)

alpha decay(アルファ崩壊)
beta decay(ベータ崩壊)
gamma decay(ガンマ崩壊)
electron capture(電子捕獲)
positron emission(陽電子崩壊)
neutron emission(中性子崩壊)

Baryon panic(バリオンパニック)
Omega decay(オメガ崩壊)
Electron wilt(電子ウィルト)
One big nucleon(1つの大きな核子)
Fungal decay(真菌崩壊)
Collapse due to invasion by the Sea Peoples(海の民族による侵略による崩壊)

Alt-text: Unlike an Iron Age collapse, a Bronze Age collapse releases energy, since copper and tin are past the iron peak on the curve of binding energy.


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