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Marble Run - マーブル・ラン


Marble Run(マーブル・ラン)

女: Check out this cool video of a Rube Goldberg marble run.
男: No! Not yet.

男: I've always known I'm doomed to eventually become one of those people who builds elaborate marble runs in their garage.
男: I can feel the pull.
男: So satisfying.

男: I just want to do as many other things as I can before I give in and disappear into that world.

女: So you know where you're going to end up, but you're trying to take a really interesting and circuitous path to get there.
男: Exactly. Bounce around, maybe go off a few jumps.

Alt-text: I have so many plans. It would incorporate a Galton board, a Ranque-Hilsch marble vortex tube, and a compartment lined with pinball bouncers with a camera-and-servo Maxwell's Demon that separated the balls into fast and slow sides.




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【Twitterまとめ 5/29~6/4】「おちゃめさん」他 281ネタ目


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Drainage Basins - 流域


Drainage Basins(流域)

US Drainage Basins(米国流域)
Where Alex Mack Will End Up

Pacific Ocean(太平洋)
Great Basin(グレート盆地)
Arctic Ocean(北極海)
Various Basins(いろいろな盆地)
Hudson Bay(ハドソン湾)
Gulf of Mexico(メキシコ湾)
Atlantic Ocean(大西洋)

How I still think of these maps, deep down

Alt-text: After a pail of water was thrown on the Wicked Witch of the West outside Salt Lake City, Utah's Great Salt Lake was measured to be 7 parts per trillion witch by volume.


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Ruling Out - 除外


Ruling Out(除外)

男: So far our astronomy group has published studies ruling out the existence of Earthlike stars, exoplanets in our solar system, habitable-zone quasars, stars with subsurface oceans, and tectonically active black holes.

Science got way easier when we realized you were allowed to do studies just to rule stuff out.

Alt-text: We were able to replicate and confirm prior authors' detection of a moon orbiting the Earth with high confidence.


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Wikipedia Article Titles - ウィキペディアの記事タイトル


Wikipedia Article Titles(ウィキペディアの記事タイトル)

Hypothetical Wikipedia Article Titles
Ranked by how quickly I would click on them

↓More quickly(より早い)

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep (seagull)
Meryl Streep seagull incident
Meryl Streep seagull incident (disambiguation)

Alt-text: I would never stoop to vandalism, but I'm not above discreetly deleting the occasional 'this article contains excessive amounts of detail' tag.


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