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1.2 Kilofives - 1.2キロファイブ


1.2 Kilofives(1.2キロファイブ)

男: It's a pretty small town - the population is just 1.2 kilofives.

Welcome to
East Hills
Pop. 6,000
 (イーストヒルズにようこそ。人口 6,000人。)

I don't know why Abraham Lincoln should be the only one who gets to come up with weird ways to say normal numbers.

Alt-text: 'Oh yeah? Give me 50 milliscore reasons why I should stop.'




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Broken Model - 壊れたモデル


Broken Model(壊れたモデル)

教師: Hmm, looks like I accidentally swapped the predation terms.
教師: If this were an ecology class, I would have to fix that.
教師: Unfortunately for those 20 poor foxes, this is calculus, and the math says these 400 rabbits are hungry for meat.

Every broken mathematical model is just a glimpse into a terrifying alternate universe.

Alt-text: In addition to eating foxes, rabbits can eat grass. The grass also eats foxes. Our equations chart the contours of Fox Hell.


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Magnet Fishing - マグネットフィッシング


Magnet Fishing(マグネットフィッシング)

The first, and last, World Magnet Fishing Championship

Alt-text: The ten-way tie was judged a ten-way tie, so no one won the grand prize, a rare fishing monopole.


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【Twitterまとめ 6/3~6/9】「スフィンクス的な風格が漂う」他 332ネタ


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Unsolved Chemistry Problems - 未解決の化学問題


Unsolved Chemistry Problems(未解決の化学問題)

登壇者: Our lab will be working on chemistry's top unsolved problems: arbitrary enzyme design, protein folding, depolymerization, and, of course, the biggest one of all:
登壇者: Figuring out what the "p" in "pH" stands for.

Alt-text: I'm an H⁺ denier, in that I refuse to consider loose protons to be real hydrogen, so I personally believe it stands for 'pretend'.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2024年) です。