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Book Podcasts - 本のポッドキャスト


Book Podcasts(本のポッドキャスト)

男: I need more podcasts to listen to while doing chores.
男: Hey, someone should do a podcast where they just read through a book! Each chapter could be an episode...

Every now and then I reinvent audiobooks from first principles.

Alt-text: I've been working my way through this 1950s podcast by someone named John Tolkien called 'Lord of the Rings'--it's a deep dive into this fictional world he created. Good stuff, really bingeable!




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Lying- 嘘



男: It's me. I can't look you in the eyes and tell you it's not. I'm sorry, I know this ruins everything.
男: I just need you to know that you're my friends and you can trust me.
女: ...This is ridiculous.
白ハット: Let's just play Taboo instead.

I'm really bad at those Mafia-style games where you have to lie.

Alt-text: I was, at least at the start of this disastrous game night, your friend.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。

【Twitterまとめ 9/18~9/24】「びしっ」他 296ネタ目


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Urban Planning Opinion Progression - 都市計画の意見の進行


Urban Planning Opinion Progression(都市計画の意見の進行)

Typical urban planning opinion progression

男: I wish there wasn't so much traffic to get into the city. They should put in more lanes.
女: And more parking.
女: Parking is so bad here.

ニット帽: I have to go to Amsterdam for work next week. I hear they all ride bikes there.
ポニーテール: Bikes are fine but people shouldn't ride them in the street! I worry I'm going to hit someone!

男: It would be nice if we had better transit options!
男: I tried a scooter. It was fun but I wish there were more bike paths.

女: It's funny how widening roads to speed up traffic makes them more dangerous to walk near, making driving more necessary and creating more traffic.
女: Really makes you think.

ニット帽: Visiting the Netherlands was cool!
ニット帽: Amsterdam is really neat.

男: We've ceded so much of our land to storing and moving cars, with the rest of us tiptoeing around the edges and making drivers mad for trespassing on "their" space.
男: Even though we're the ones in danger from them!

女: Those giant trucks with front blind spots that keep hitting kids should be illegal.

ニット帽: We should be more like the Netherlands.
ニット帽: They design their streets to prioritize...

男: The problem is car culture. It's systemic.
男: I don't know if we can fix it.

女: People approach road planning decisions from the point of view of drivers because that's how we're used to interacting with the city, so we make choices that make it more car-friendly.
女: It's a vicious cycle.

ニット帽: Netherlands! Netherlands! Netherlands! Netherlands!

男: Anything that makes a city a worse place to drive in makes it a better place to live, short of scattering random tire spikes on the road.

女: Honestly, I think the city council should consider the tire spikes thing.

Alt-text: If they're going to make people ride bikes and scooters in traffic, then it should at LEAST be legal to do the Snow Crash thing where you use a hook-shot-style harpoon to catch free rides from cars.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。

xkcd Phone Flip - xkcdフォンフリップ


xkcd Phone Flip(xkcdフォンフリップ)

Exfoliating screen(角質除去スクリーン)
Orthotic shape for arch support(アーチサポート矯正形状)
Single big pixel(シングルビッグピクセル)
Ready to eat(食べられる)
Up to 50% more(最大50%アップ)
Full-spectrum backlight optimized for plant growth(植物の成長に最適化されたフルスペクトルバックライト)
Long-lasting main sequence battery(長持ちするメインシーケンスバッテリー)
Break glass to access apps(ガラスを割ってアプリにアクセス)

Buy one get one(1個買うと1個もらえる)
Bending phone activates chemical flashlight(スマホを曲げるとケミカル懐中電灯が作動)
SPF 15 coating protects your face from websites(SPF15コーティングがウェブサイトから顔を守る)
Iatrogenic construction(異所性構造)
All-vinyl data storage for maximum fidelity(最大限の忠実度のためのオールビニルデータストレージ)
Locks in moisture(湿気を閉じ込める)
National Weather Service partnership: phone is afraid of thunder(国立気象局と提携:携帯電話は雷を恐れている)
One-click ruina montium(ワンクリックルイナモンティウム)
Free refills(無料リフィル)

The xkcd Phone Flip
We actually didn't mean for it to do this™

Alt-text: Theranos partnership: Sorry, we know, but we signed the contract back before all the stuff and the lawyers say we can't back out, so just try to keep your finger away from the bottom of the phone.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。