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Geographic Qualifiers - 地理的修飾子


Geographic Qualifiers(地理的修飾子)

左の人: At over 40 feet, it's the tallest statue of a skateboarding squirrel in the Northern Hemisphere.

右の人(考え中): ...Wait, who in the heck...Brazil? South Africa? Australia? Squirrels aren't even native there...

I love the instant mystery created by qualifiers like "east of the Mississippi" or "in the Northern Hemisphere."

Alt-text: 'Thank you for the loveliest evening I've ever had...' [normal] '...east of the Mississippi.' [instant intrigue!]




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Call My Cell - 携帯に電話して


Call My Cell(携帯に電話して)

黒ハット: Hey, can you call my cell?


黒ハット: Oh, one sec.

黒ハット: Ugh, it's this guy.
スマホ: Send to voicemail

Alt-text: 'Hey, can you call my cell?' '...I'm trying, but it says this number is blocked?' 'Ok, thanks, just checking.'


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2024年) です。

Goodhart's Law - グッドハートの法則


Goodhart's Law(グッドハートの法則)

男: When a metric becomes a target, it ceases to be a good metric.
白ハット: Sounds bad. Let's offer a bonus to anyone who identifies a metric that has become a target.

Alt-text: [later] I'm pleased to report we're now identifying and replacing hundreds of outdated metrics per hour.
 ([その後] 喜ばしいことに、僕らは今、1時間あたり何百もの時代遅れの指標を特定し、置き換えている。)


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【Twitterまとめ 2/19~2/25】「シンデレラ」他 317ネタ


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Orbital Argument - 軌道口げんか


Orbital Argument(軌道口げんか)

男: The sun orbits the earth!
女: The earth orbits the sun!
白ハット: When two people disagree, the truth is always somewhere in the middle. Maybe the earth and the sun orbit a common center!

It's annoying when people are right by accident.

Alt-text: "Some people say light is waves, and some say it's particles, so I bet light is some in-between thing that's both wave and particle depending on how you look at it. Am I right?" "YES, BUT YOU SHOULDN'T BE!"


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2024年) です。