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Haunted House - お化け屋敷


Haunted House(お化け屋敷)

ポニーテール: Welcome! If you need to charge your phones, note that this house has Pennsylvania wiring, but we have New Jersey and Delaware adapters available.
男、女: AAAAAA!
The haunted house at the ISO/ANSI office halloween party

Alt-text: You can leave at any time through the door over there. It's a Louisville door, so you'll need to find a compatible knob. No, don't be silly, that one is a Lexington knob! Of course it won't fit.




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【Twitterまとめ 9/4~9/17】「脚ピーン」他 295ネタ目


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Iceberg Efficiency - 氷山の効率


Iceberg Efficiency(氷山の効率)

黒ハット: A standard iceberg is only 10% efficient.
黒ハット: 90% of the ice is hidden underwater, totally wasted.

黒ハット: Our next-generation foam-filled iceberg achieves near-100% efficiency, floating almost entirely above the ocean surface.

黒ハット: "But wait," you might be thinking. "How will such a lightweight iceberg pose a threat to hubristic ocean liners?"
黒ハット: That's where the torpedoes come in.

欄外の声1: I'm sorry, what project are you part of, again?
欄外の声2: I assumed he was with you.
欄外の声3: Security?

Alt-text: Our experimental aerogel iceberg with helium pockets manages true 100% efficiency, barely touching the water, and it can even lift off of the surface and fly to more efficiently pursue fleeing hubristic liners.


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Exoplanet Observation - 太陽系外惑星の観測


Exoplanet Observation(太陽系外惑星の観測)

男: When the planet passed in front of its host star, some of the light was absorbed by ghosts, indicating that the planet is likely haunted.

Exoplanet Spectral Analysis

Alt-text: Exoplanet Spectral Analysis


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Brassica - アブラナ属



男1: Did you know the mighty redwood is actually the same species as broccoli and kale? It's just a different cultivar.
男2,3: Wow!

Every year or two, botanists add another plant to Brassica oleracea and see if anyone calls them on it.

Alt-text: Sequoia Brussels sprouts are delicious but it's pretty hard to finish one.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。