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Electron Color - 電子の色


Electron Color(電子の色)

教師: You have a question?
生徒(男): Yeah-What color are electrons and protons? Are they yellow? Red? Blue?

教師: Subatomic particles don't have a color.
教師: They're too small to interact with visible light, so "color" isn't even defined for them.
教師: That said, electrons are definitely yellow.

欄外の声1: I knew it!
欄外の声2: And protons are red, right?
欄外の声3: What? No! They're gray!

Alt-text: There's quark color, but that's not really color--it's just an admission by 20th century physicists that numbers are boring.




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【Twitterまとめ 1/30~5/5】「遊び疲れたのかな?」他 265ネタ目


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Size Comparisons - サイズ比較


Size Comparisons(サイズ比較)

男: Texas is so big that if you expanded it to the size of the Solar System, the ants there would be as big as Rhode Island.
ポニーテール: Wow!
ポニーテール: ...Wait.

My hobby: Unhelpful size comparisons

Alt-text: If you shrank the Solar System to the size of Texas, the Houston metro area would be smaller than a grasshopper in Dallas.


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Bursa of Fabricius - ファブリキウス嚢


Bursa of Fabricius(ファブリキウス嚢)

The bursa of Fabricius is a lymphoid organ found only in birds and in 16th century anatomist Hieronymus Fabricius, to whom it conferred the power of flight.

ヒエロニムス・ファブリキウス: Wheee

Alt-text: If an anatomical structure is named for a person, it means they were the only person to have it. Pierre Paul Broca had a special area of his brain that created powerful magnetic fields, enabling him to do 19th century fMRI research.


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K-Means Clustering - k平均法


K-Means Clustering(k平均法)

ポニーテール: Our analysis shows that there are three kinds of people in the world:

ポニーテール: Those who use k-means clustering with k=3, and two other types whose qualitative interpretation is unclear.

Alt-text: According to my especially unsupervised K-means clustering algorithm, there are currently about 8 billion types of people in the world.


 この記事のカテゴリは、xkcd日本語訳(2023年) です。