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Linguists - 言語学者



欄外の声: Help!
欄外の声: I fell down a hole!

ポニーテール: Hey!
ポニーテール: Is "fell down a hole" exactly equivalent to "fell in a hole," in your usage? Or do they have slightly different implications?
 (「fell down a hole」は「fell in a hole」と全く同じ意味なの?それとも少し意味合いが違うのかな?)

There's a myth that linguists are pedants who love correcting people, but they're actually just enthusiastic about understanding language in all its infinite varieties, which is much worse.

Alt-text: "Do you feel like the answer depends on whether you're currently in the hole, versus when you refer to the events later after you get out? Assuming you get out."


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Unread - 未読



Percentage of received messages in the service that are marked unread

hey, two new messages!

Ugh, gotta take some time to go through these.
Wow, it hit five digits.

Another way every system eventually becomes email

Alt-text: I'll never install a smart home smoke detector. It's not that I don't trust the software--it's that all software eventually becomes email, and I know how I am with email.


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Viral Quiz Identity Theft - バイラルクイズの個人情報盗難


Viral Quiz Identity Theft(バイラルクイズの個人情報盗難)

男(黒髪): Here's my plan: we start a viral quiz to trick people into posting the name of the street they lived on as a kid.
男(黒髪): Then we use it to steal their identity!
白ハット: Okay.
白ハット: Just checking, you know voter files and mortgages and stuff are mostly public records, right?
男(黒髪): Huh? What are you talking about?
白ハット: ...Nothing. We can do your thing.

Alt-text: [scrolling through a giant spreadsheet of transcribed data] 'Wow, a surprising number of users grew up at 420 69th St.' 'Yeah, must be a high-rise or something.'
( [転写データの巨大スプレッドシートをスクロール]「うわー、驚くべき数のユーザーは69番街420で育ってる」「ああ、高層ビルか何かに違いないよ。」)


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Blair Witch - ブレアウィッチ


Blair Witch(ブレアウィッチ)

女: Other than the fake 1999 video, there have been no Blair Witch sightings in 30+ years.
女: The IUCN redlist says the witch is "possibly extinct in the wild."
女: Development in the Maryland suburbs has fragmented the spooky forest habitat.
女: Climate change will push any remnant populations north.

女: That's why we plan to capture any surviving witches and establish a breeding population.
女: Then, in time, the Blair Witch Reintroduction Project can begin.

Alt-text: "Are you concerned the witches won't breed in captivity?" "Honestly, we're more concerned that they WILL. We don't know what it involves, but our biologists theorize that it's 'harrowing.'"
 (「魔女が捕獲されても、繁殖しないことを懸念していますか?」「正直に言うと 魔女が繁殖するかどうかの方が心配です。何が必要かは分からないですが、生物学者の理論ではそれが「痛ましい」と理論づけています。」)


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Ten Years - 10年


Ten Years(10年)

※ 16コマ目までは以下参照のこと

作者: Do you think they're socialized enough?
作者の妻: This one might need some more head pats.
欄外: Has anyone seen the hand cart?
作者の妻: Wheee!

作者; You do it. Ten Years.
作者の妻: It doesn't seem real.
作者の妻: When they showed me my 10-year survival chart, I really didn't believe I would make it here.

I don't understand why you married me when it looked so bad.
But it was very sweet.

作者: You make it sound like an act of grace, and not something I desperately wanted to do and was worried I wouldn't get to.
You're the coolest person I've ever met. I just wanted whatever the we could have.

作者の妻: Well, good news, my hiedous and inexplicable existence continues unabated! Take that, Biology!
You failed to kill me and now I can never die!
作者: Is... that how that works?
作者の妻: It was in the fine print the chart.

Alt-text: The ten-year cancerversary is traditionally the Cursed Artifact Granting Immortality anniversary.


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