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Painbow Award - ペインボウ賞


Painbow Award(ペインボウ賞)

Every year, disgruntled scientists compete for the Painbow Award for worst color scale.

Alt-text: This year, our team took home the dark blue ribbon, better than the midnight blue we got last year but still short of the winning navy blue.


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Wirecutter - ワイヤーカッター



The Best Religion
By Wirecutter Staff

What does it all mean? Our reviewers tried out over 70 of the most popular belief systems. Here's what they found...

Alt-text: This was always going to be a controversial Wirecutter post, but what really got them in trouble were their 'budget' and 'upgrade' picks.


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Common Cold Viruses - 一般的な風邪ウイルス


Common Cold Viruses(一般的な風邪ウイルス)

男: COVID has made me so curious about colds. The next time I get one, I want to know which virus it is specifically.
男: A Rhinovirus? RSV? Mild Influenza? Or something weird like Metapneumovirus?

女: How distinct are they? Could you learn to tell them apart?
男: See, I wonder!

白ハット: I could get a sequencer from work...

[Several years later...]
男: Ah yes, this one has the rich, full-bodied bouquet of RSV, but the heady congestion lends it a lingering Rhinovirus nosefeel.
女: *Cough* Quite right!

Alt-text: "It's not an influenza, but the onset has notes of the '09 H1N1 strain." "Ah yes, that was a good year for H1N1."


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Retractable Rocket - 格納式ロケット

retractable_rocket (1).png

Retractable Rocket

ベレー帽: We're testing our new retractable rocket.
女: You mean reusable?
ベレー帽: No.


上空の声: Hi, welcome to the ISS!
上空の声: Hello!

Alt-text: Hard to believe that for so many years once they were fully extended we just let them tip over.


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Slope Hypothesis Testing - 傾きの仮説検証


Slope Hypothesis Testing(傾きの仮説検証)

女: Darn, not significant.
男: We need more data. Have them each try yelling in to the mic a few more times.

女: Perfect!
男: Are you sure we're doing slope hypothesis testing right?

Alt-text: "What? I can't hear--" "What? I said, are you sure--" "CAN YOU PLEASE SPEAK--"


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