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Daylight Calendar - 日照カレンダー


Daylight Calendar(日照カレンダー)

女: Ugh, I hate November. It's 26:15 and the sun is setting again!

女: 3-day days are the worst.

男: I like it. I know it's dark, but it's nice to have the extra time on deadlines.

In our new calendar system, the date changes after every 12 hours of daylight, regardless of how long that takes.

Alt-text: Could be worse. In some towns north of here, it's already December, and the 21st will last for nearly a week.


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Occam - オッカム



女: The simplest explanation is that Occam shaves the barber.

Alt-text: Oh no, Murphy just picked up the razor.


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TTSLTSWBD - 機能しないように見えて機能するもの



男: Next we have a session on organ transplants and another on airships.
男: Then lunch, then we'll have one on gyroscopes and one on butterflies.

The first annual conference on Things That Seem Like They Shouldn't Work But Do

Alt-text: Tomorrow's sessions will be entirely devoted to sewing machine rotary hooks.


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Flinch - たじろぎ



男: If you stand with the bowling ball in front of your face and let go, will you flinch when it swings back?

女: I won't flinch.
女: I trust conservation of energy.

短髪の男: I trust my flinch reflex, which was honed by millions of years of evolution to protect my delicate face. I'm not messing with it.

ポニーテール: I don't trust that you hung that thing up correctly.

Alt-text: Premed: "Does this count for a physics credit? Can we shorten the string so I can get it done faster? And can we do one where it hits me in the face? I gotta do a thing for first aid training right after."


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Snack - スナック



ポニーテール: Hey, do you want a cookie? Or an apple?

男: Who are you!? Did the IRB approve this!? Is everyone here an actor!?

The best prank you can play on psych majors is just to offer them a snack.

Alt-text: Although grad students, suddenly reminded that food exists, tend to just grab and devour both without further discussion.


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