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Siren - セイレーン



キルケー: Remember, Odysseus:
キルケー: As you pass the rocks you will hear a woman calling out to you, urging you to stray from your path, but plug your ears and hold your course, for her beguiling lies will draw you to a watery grave.
キルケー: I don't know why they can't just fix it. I keep filing error reports.

Circe was actually just telling Odysseus to ignore his GPS.

Alt-text: Directions from CITY OF TROY to ITHACA / Total time: 10y 54d 14h 25m / Warning: Route crosses an international border / route includes capture by the goddess Calypso / route includes a ferry
 (トロイの都市からイサカへの道順 / 合計時間:10年54日14時間25分 / 警告:ルートは国境を越えます / ルートには女神カリプソによる捕獲が含まれます / ルートにはフェリーが含まれます)


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Fiction vs Nonfiction - フィクション対ノンフィクション


Fiction vs Nonfiction(フィクション対ノンフィクション)

男: Star Wars?
ポニーテール: Fiction.

男: The Making of Star Wars?
白ハット: Nonfiction.

男: Star Wars: The Adventures of Boba Fett?
ポニーテール: Fiction.

男: Star Wars: The Official Guide to Boba Fett's Armor and Weapons?
ポニーテール: Nonfiction, technically.

男: Boba Fett's Gadgets and How He Got Them?
ポニーテール: ...Fiction? It depends.

男: Boba Fett: A Life, by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin?
 (ボバ・フェット:歴史家ドリス・カーンズ・グッドウィンの『ボバ・フェット:A Life』?)
ポニーテール: Hm.
白ハット: Maybe we should just have a Boba Fett section.

Alt-text: The real challenge is how to file Boba Fett's biography of Doris Kearns Goodwin.


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Bayes' Theorem - ベイズの定理


Bayes' Theorem(ベイズの定理)

先生: Given these prevalences, is it likely that the test result is a false positive?

欄外からの声: Well, this chapter is on Bayes' Theorem, so yes.

Sometimes, if you understand Bayes' Theorem well enough, you don't need it.

Alt-text: P((B|A)|(A|B)) represents the probability that you'll mix up the order of the terms when using Bayesian notation.


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Heart-Stopping Texts - 衝撃的なテキスト


Heart-Stopping Texts(衝撃的なテキスト)

Most heart-stopping texts to receive out of the blue

Did you forget what day it is?
I bet you're probably getting bombarded with texts right now, huh?
Did you mean to post that to everyone?
Is this your house?
You didn't click on any weird emails recently, did you?
Can I call?
Wait, do you know Joe Rogan? How does he know your name?
Why are you trending on Twitter?

Alt-text: Was this your car? [looping 'image loading' animation]


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Never Told Anyone - 誰にも言ったことがないこと


Never Told Anyone(誰にも言ったことがないこと)

女: I've never told anyone this before.
女: I know I shouldn't.
女: But I feel like I can trust you.
女: My one-time code is 263827.

男: *Gasp*

Alt-text: Even if you said you were an employee of the website, if you asked for my password, I'd tell you.


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